Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who doesn't love a giveaway?

Georgia E. and Jewelry by Orly have teamed up for a reader giveaway!

Here's the story. I met Orly in Israel five years ago, and I was instantly blown away by her wild hair, unique sense of style and fantastic jewelry. At that point, she was using a lot of flat, lacy, gold-dipped discs. She strung the discs on delicate chains of different lengths, and what emerged was a wonderfully hippie and romantic look. It was perfect for the Israeli sunshine and our playful semester abroad.

Orly's jewelry has continued to evolve as she's learned new techniques and experimented with different materials. But she's still cashing in on her uncanny ability to channel the energy of her surroundings into unique, versatile pieces.

The giveaway necklace shown below is no exception. It's all about being a young woman in New York figuring out who you are. The double scallops and swarovski crystals are ultra-feminine ... but it also has rhinestones resting on a strong backbone of thick, industrial silver chain. It's perfect parts princess and rock star. Ideal for a woman of any age whose style doesn't fit into a neat category.

I want the necklace. You want the necklace. Here's how the giveaway will work:

1.) To enter, post a comment on the Georgia E. Facebook page.
Don't know what to say? Tell us about your most treasured piece of jewelry!

2.) Encourage your pals to visit Jewelry by Orly and "like" Georgia E. on Facebook.
Share this post! Make it your status! Email stylish friends and family!

3.) We'll draw a winner when everyone is talking about Jewelry by Orly, and Georgia E. has a total of 100 Facebook friends!
Drawing will be random. Scouts' honor. 1 entry per reader.

Good luck, and thank you for supporting Georgia E. and Jewelry by Orly! Read on ...

An Interview with
Orly Menachem, Creator of Jewelry by Orly

How do you describe your style?
Classic with an edge.

And what's your favorite color?

What's your philosophy on getting dressed?
Make sure you feel confident in what you wear. It shows if you're not.

Where are you shopping these days?
Zara. J.Crew. Flea markets. My closet. I’m not shopping a lot these days, so I’m really trying to create new outfits with what I have. (Amen to that!)

So you're getting dressed for a Saturday night out. What music is the soundtrack for pulling together a great look and getting in a great
I love hip hop and r&b and also mashups - anything that gets my heart pumping. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of channel 603 on NY cable TV. As I answer these questions, I've got Girl Talk's album in the background, and it’s amazing!

Are there any female celebrities you crush on whether for their style or
overall "cool factor"?
Ashley Olsen is probably my ultimate fashion crush. She does a great job of dressing with sophistication and taking risks. She always looks put together and unique at the same time.

Do you have a sentimental piece of jewelry you wear and
All my jewelry is sentimental!

When you cash your first big check as a acclaimed jewelry designer, what's
your first big splurge?
CHANEL ballet flats.

Where would you like to see Jewelry by Orly go next - either in terms of
design or business?
Design-wise, I just want to stay true to myself. Keep making designs first for me. There’s nothing in my collection that I wouldn’t wear! Business-wise, one day I hope to provide benefits and health insurance for all the devoted employees in my 5th Ave office overlooking Central Park :)

That's a dreams worth having and supporting!

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