Friday, January 14, 2011

Who is the Convoy man?

I've spent the better part of 48 hours exploring Convoy's Tumblr site, and the more I see, the more questions I have. Who is the man behind Convoy? Where do all of these images come from? Where can you buy this stuff?

Convoy is hyper-stylized (all magazine-ready shots set up flawlessly), but I can't seem to dismiss him as simply a "hipster." Here's a shot at imagining The Convoy Man: A Profile ...

He's into photography and flannel, but daydreams about being a hip hop star.
He bought a cool bike that he knows he doesn't ride often enough.
He can tell you what's his favorite sports car/motorcycle is and why.
He feels at home in a stark, modern space but also loves his friends' grungy group house.
He's kind of a loner.
He wasn't an eagle scout but is fairly useful on a camping trip.
He doodled a lot during class.
He's fallen for a girl with tattoos.
He's fallen for the girl next door.
He loves a woman with smarts.
He's a closet-romantic about almost all things.

Convoy reminds me of Austin, TX, Billy Reid and all those guys that were a lot cooler in high school than any of us realized.

(images from Convoy. c/o MJ)

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