Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love his sneaks

I'm not bashful about giving strangers compliments and then asking where they got aforementioned hair cut/dress/shoes. In my humble opinion, people don't give out enough compliments these days. And, more often than not, I'm itching to know where they found the item that's caught my eye. In return, strangers usually seem surprised and flattered.

Last week I found myself on the metro, unable to take my eyes off a guy's feet. He had on these remixed desert boots, and I was in love (with the shoes, not the guy). Unfortunately, I think this fellow's girlfriend confused my checking out his shoes for checking him out. We made eye contact, and it was clear that I shouldn't compliment this guy's shoes and I definitely shouldn't ask to take a picture of them for my blog. Alas! Blogging opportunity botched!

Luckily, I found the shoes pretty easily online. Desert boots are everywhere, but not ones with red soles. So Guy on the Metro - If you're out there, compliments on the kicks! Girlfriend of the Guy on the Metro - You've got your 'back off' look down pact! Now you know I'm just a style blogger with no game. Sometimes that adoring glance gets me in trouble ...

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