Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You know how couples sometimes love to set up their friends? ... "He's just such a great guy! I mean, if I were single, I'd totally date him." ... Well, today I'm playing matchmaker! I, renter of a fully decorated apartment, want to set a lucky guy up with this file cabinet from Miss Pixies. I'm not in the market for a dresser. But, if I were, I'd be ALL OVER this one.

I'm in love with it, particularly as a dresser in a guy's place. It's got giant drawers, is a perfect height and even has an awesome, hidden writing shelf. Very 007.

Mint condition. $110 or $140 with delivery. Dressers like this don't come around every day.

(Made by Steelcase - H:53'' W:30'' D:18'')


Anonymous said...

Totally bad ass! I think any guy would be lucky to have such a cool accessory!

E.Wall said...

SOLD! to my friend SB. A match made in heaven.