Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Timeless style + panache

I had the privilege of meeting Barbara Louis and visiting her amazing apartment many moons ago. In the video below, she gives Stylelikeu a tour of her closets. Along the way, she bestows some great wisdom - Mix old with new, high-end with Zara! Dress for your mood and imagination! Highlight your best assets! And don't forget the long-term effects of very large, heavy earrings!

YSL gold necklace and skirt, Zara Sweater

Blouse from Zara, Bob Mackie Skirt,
YSL necklace, done in the designer's favorite colors and presented to Barbara by Yves Saint Laurent himself.

I love this desk.

Top Image: Skirt by Betty & Joseph, friends of Barbara's Uncle, Yves Saint Laurent Sweater, Aerosoles Heels

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