Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Now I find myself staying up late, getting up early, thinking, dreaming and blogging a lot.

I've got an exciting new project underway that I hope you'll check out + "like" on Facebook - DC Here Now. In short, it's a celebration of Washingtonians and the pleasures of getting dressed. In more practical terms, it's me running around DC taking pictures of people with a flare for fashion. Thus far, it's been a joyful endeavor that's got me learning photography, meeting fascinating new people, and spending more time outside than in front a computer. All pretty fantastic!

For these reasons and a few others, DC Here Now is taking priority over Georgia E. for now. But please don't fret. Georgia E. isn't shutting down. It's just slowing down. I want to keep posting here and hope you'll keep reading. Please let me know what you'd like to see more of (shopping? inspiration? writing?). I'm happy to deliver more of whatever you love. Just say the word.

As always, thanks for reading. - E.Wall

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